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Hello and Welcome to my blog, Creative Minds.

I joined Close to My Heart in November 2013 because I loved to the artwork I was seeing created by my friend and up-line Susan Williams. I already loved scrapbooking and wanted to play with the products she was playing with, but I wanted it at a discount. I was already creating artwork and after being hired to design an entire set of Wedding Stationary, I knew the discount would be to my benefit. Although, Susan and I had gone to school together I no longer lived in the area, I didn’t even live in the same country! Thankfully, we had Facebook. The fact that I lived in England was another reason I reached out to her, I needed scrapbooking supplies! Being the type of person that is always up for an adventure when Susan decided to take a leap of faith and grow her team; The Just Crazy Blessed Team, I jumped on board with her.

When my kit arrived I fell in love with the products! I knew I would just from seeing Susan’s creations and there’s just something about the smell of a brand-new paper pack. My motive for becoming a Consultant was mainly for the discount. I wanted that discount so that I would be able to continue to provide quality work to my customers and in order to do that I needed high quality products. I wanted easier access to products as well. It’s very difficult to create just the right Wedding invitation or 150 invitations if the store suddenly runs out of the color of product you happen to be using.

You might be wondering what customers I’m talking about, especially if I had just signed up to be a Consultant. Let me clarify. I have actually been creating artwork, scrapbooking, making cards, invitations, gifts and such for 17 years. I have a good amount of experience and from time to time I am hired by friends or family or friends of family to create something for them. I have done entire wedding stationary, baby shower invitations, baby announcements, party favors and décor, retirement invitations and more! I love creating a piece of artwork (or many in some cases) that brings a smile to another’s face. Seeing their smile makes it completely worth the time and effort it takes.

I did not have the desire to run a business in the normal way most direct sellers would run a business. I just wanted high quality products at a discounted price to help me do what I was already doing. It will be 3 years in November since I joined this amazing company and a lot has happened since 2013! I am back in America now and actually, very recently moved to Virginia from Oklahoma. My husband has retired from the service and our children are both in high school. We are having, what I believe may very well be our forever home built and looking forward to moving out of the apartment and into our home later this year.

In all this time I have realized a few things. I still love the products. I love the company and the friends I’ve made simply by being a part of it. I have made a little bit of moneysometimes enough to buy ALL of my own supplies! I’m still having fun and after attending convention a year ago my eyes have been opened to endless possibilities. I have also watched fellow consultants, including Susan; earn FREE incentive trips to some amazing locations. What I have learned is that in order to actually earn those incentive trips you must grow your team.

I honestly had no desire to have a team. However, did I mention I tend to seek adventure? I want to go after some of those possibilities. I want to find some team mates that would be interested in chasing down those incentive trips with me. I want to continue to have a fun! And so, it is my turn to take a leap of faithwould you like to join me in chasing down some adventure?

Being a consultant is so flexible! You get to decide how much you work (or should I say play) that you want to do and the choice to be either a Hobby Crafter or Business Builder is completely YOURS!

Hobby Crafter’ – a person who loves paper crafting and is interested in receiving a discount for their own purchases. They may find they even enjoy placing orders for their friends, earning commissions and additional free product. I call it, “Let’s get our feet wet”

Business Builder’ – a person who in addition to a love of paper crafting has an interest in earning extra income with flexible working hours, growing a team of their own and earning an incentive trip! They may enjoy hosting local events, in-home gatherings, or choose to work their business completely online! They may even desire to turn Close to my Heart into a full time Business! I call this, “Diving in!”

The most wonderful thing about this adventure is you don’t have to decide which direction you’d like to go. As a matter of fact you may bounce between the two before you finally settle on one or you can purchase the New Consultant Kit and choose to do nothing. You are never required to return anything! NO strings attached! It’s actually a RISK FREE adventure. Once you’ve received the kit you have training opportunities, my assistance and the time to really look into it. Whatever you decide, all of the discounted products are yours to keep!

If you’d like to join me in this adventure, I would love to have you become a part of the Creative Minds Family, which makes you a relative to the Just Crazy Blessed Family! It’s important, trust me.

The New Consultant Kit

What’s the price tag? Believe it or not, at moment, it is ONLY $75 and includes all of the items below! It is actually valued over $205!  Want to know my favorite part? The part I wish they had done when I joined?? Each kit comes with a $50 product voucher! That means YOU get to choose your favorite papers, stamps and ink pads to begin your adventure with!

Medium Organizer (Z4139)
My Acrylix Block 2”x 6 ½” (Y1010)
My Acrylix Block 1” x 3 ½” (Y1002)
My Acrylix Block 2” x 2” (Y1003)
Non-stick Micro-tip Scissors (Z1836)
My Acrylix Stamp Scrubber (Z1782)
My Acrylix Spritz Cleaner (1778)
Bonding Memories Glue (1512)
3-D Foam Tape (Z1151)
Sponge (Z679)
Customer Order Forms (W101, pack of 25)
Annual Inspirations Idea Books (WC1161, qty 5)
Seasonal Expressions 2 Idea Books (WCS1163, qty 5)
Cardstock Sampler (W1136)
Paper Fundamentals Sampler (W1137)
Annual Inspirations B&T Duos Sampler (W1138)
Artful Textiles – Petite Perks Stamp Set (W2034, qty 3)
Gathering Invitations (W1129, qty 1 pack of 25)
Desk Pad (W1140)
$50 Select Product Credit (Choose your favorite Paper, Stamps, Ink pads, and MORE!)

When you join in July 2016 you will receive an ADDED Bonus! Your choice of the Newly Released Paper Fundamentals Collection and their coordinating Complements (a $32 value)!

Consultant Benefits

- Enjoy an instant 22% Discount/Commission on ALL orders placed! (Including your own purchases as well as any orders you place for other people).

- Earn additional Discounts/Commission (up to 50%) based on your monthly sales volume and/or title.

- Earn Free Product each month based on your monthly sales volume (you can even resell the free product you earn, turning it into additional income).

Low Quarterly Sales Quota - $300

- Enjoy Flexible 'work' hours! Choose to make it a career, part time job, or just help pay for your own supplies - which ever you prefer, Close to My Heart has a place for you!

FREE Online Business Address (Shopping website!) Close to My Heart even absorbs the credit card processing fees!

Self Host to earn even more Free Product! 

- Access to the Close to My Heart Consultant website FILLED with online training as well as creative workshops & project inspiration, marketing videos & business information, a bulletin board forum, and MUCH MORE! 

Connect with Thousands of Consultants World Wide!

- Attend Corporate Events featuring Top Notch training, creative sessions and NEW Products! 

- Corporate 'Start with Heart' email series to help you 'Get you started'. 

-An Invitation to (Members Only) 'Creative Minds' Team Facebook Page!

- An Invitation to the (Members Only) 'Just Crazy Blessed' Team Facebook Page!

Unlimited access to the 'Studio Sus' Workshop Files Library! 

- Access to un-watermarked graphics & posters personally designed by me! 

- Earn additional Exclusive products, Logo wear - even cash when you or your future team members achieve STTT (Straight to the Top)!

Straight To The Top! 

Straight to the Top is an incentive program designed to help Brand New Consultants hit the ground running! Research shows that new consultants are more likely to have long-term success when they enjoy immediate sales success! This program helps consultants to achieve success early on by offering rewards for reaching certain sales milestones! 

The official 'Start Date' of a New Consultant's Straight to the Time frame is (5) days after the New Consultant kit shipping date!

The Rewards are OUT OF THIS WORLD! 
NOW is the PERFECT time to JOIN Close to My Heart!

The application only takes a couple of minutes and then you can join me and my friends on this amazing adventure! We'd sure love to welcome you aboard!

Tonya VanWinkle

Leader of the Creative Minds Team
Member of the Just Crazy Blessed Team

Close to my Heart website:
Join My Team: HERE

Thank you so very much for your time! 
I look forward to journeying with you and Happy 4th of July!


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